The Storey Estates 5/5 Club Partner Programme

Become a Storey Partner today …

What is it?

It’s our referral programme, but more importantly, it’s a way of saving your friends money, and making yourself money, all at the same time.

Oh, and helping us help more people, It’s a win win win!

How it works

Sign up to the Storey Partners 5/5 Club

Share your unique referral code EVERYWHERE (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)

Your friends get 5% off our fee … thanks to you

You get 5% of our fee … as a thank you

Sign up to the Storey Partners 5/5 Club by contacting Ian or Alex at who will give you a unique referral code.

Imagine this

8 of your friends and followers, each month, need an estate agent

They see your recommendation, and call us with YOUR unique referral code

6 of them become clients of Storey Estates (when recommended we have an 80% success rate)

Our average fee is £5,000. Your 5% = £250 (and remember, they also get 5% off our fee)

Multiply that by the 6 clients you helped us help = £1500 in your pocket … easy money right?

Multiply it by 20 clients that you’ve helped us help = £5,000 extra income … that’s an amazing holiday!

Why we do it

It’s pretty simple. Some estate agencies spend thousands of pounds each year putting pointless leaflets through peoples’ letter boxes, aka junk mail. We don’t. We’d rather spend thousands of pounds on ‘thank you’ payments which come out of our marketing budget.

It really is free money for you. Absolutely no catch. You help us. We help them. We pay you. Simple.

If you prefer, we can even give your 5% to a charity of your choice …