How to prepare for a better set of property photos

Storey Estate Agent in Cheshire - How to prepare for better property photos

Selling your Cheshire home faster can come down to the quality of your photos. Here’s how to prepare for a better set of property images.

When your Cheshire estate agent puts your property details together they’ll use a combination of text and imagery.

The words provide the detail, from the nuts and bolts essentials like room dimensions, to the extra information (designer kitchen, Jacuzzi bath, real wood floors etc) that may not be immediately apparent from an image. It’s the detail that could make all the difference when choosing house A over house B.

Yet it’s the images that create the first impression. If the pictures don’t entice a potential buyer to dig deeper, they’ll never get as far as the detail.

As you’ll see from the property images on our site, we believe in taking the time to get property images right – but a great property photo isn’t only down to the camera and the person behind it. It’s also how you prepare. So if you’re planning on selling your Cheshire home, here are 7 ways you can prepare for a perfect property photo.

Be objective

There are things in all our homes that, because we live with them day in, day out, barely register anymore. They’re the personal, the quirky – the things you don’t have to explain because they’re part of the family. Perhaps it’s the room you painted black for the resident teenager. Maybe it’s the giant carved giraffe in the hall, or the drum kit squeezed into the spare room.

You don’t have to adopt the 90s fashion for creating a beige, blank canvas in order to sell your home, but take an objective view and ask if there’s anything that, on first viewing in a photograph, would grab all the attention and detract from the home around it. If so, find it a temporary home in the garage …

Touch up

Somewhere in your home there’s a niggling flap of wallpaper that needs sticking back down. Or a stain caused by a leaky radiator. Or an interesting drawing your youngest child created – on the bedroom wall.

Resolving these issues takes little more than a brush of paste or paint, so take the time to make a few touch-ups before the camera arrives.

Clean and declutter

Of course there are degrees of cleaning. We’re not asking you to steam the carpets and banish the dog to the garden, but clutter makes it harder to see the home beneath. So if you want every room to do its job in selling your home, then ensure floors, table tops and kitchen surfaces are clean and tidy.

Get back

When we take your images it’s from the fringes of each room. It’s not so much about making the room appear larger (the dimensions are in the details, after all) as showing all the detail we can. So when you’re assessing each room for its photo-readiness, stand where we will and take another look.


Before we reach the ‘camera, action’ part, the chances are we’ll want to add to the light levels. Make sure any dead bulbs are replaced, so your images are well lit.

More is not necessarily more

Ask yourself this – is it better to fill your property details with dozens of poorly shot images or a handful of photos the show your property at its best? We’ll give you a clue: it’s the second one.

When it comes to property photography, quality always trumps quantity.

Don’t do it yourself

We’ve all got smartphones that can take a photograph in infinitely more detail than most cameras could manage only a few years back. But that doesn’t mean we’ve all turned into photographers.

Your Cheshire estate agent should only use a professional photographer – the difference really is astounding.

With all those points checked, your home is ready for its close-up(s).

Talk to us about selling your Cheshire property.

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