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We ensure you are compliant with over 100 pieces of legislation that apply to the Private Rented Sector. Protecting your income and managing your residential and commercial property portfolios throughout Cheshire.

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Why Do Landlords choose Storey Estates to let and manage their property?

Management takeover experts

You need to have peace of mind that when deciding to switch Letting Agents, the process will be quick and as hassle free for the tenants as possible. We are experts in the takeover of property management from your existing Letting Agent and have a simple checklist of documents we ask for. We can visit the current Agents to obtain documents if needs be – Current Tenancy Agreement, Inventory, deposit registration details and Rent Statement. We make changing the Standing Order for the tenant easy to do and will liaise with Bank where required. Future rent payments are then made to you on the same day they are received by us. In all cases we would arrange an initial inspection of the property to meet the tenants face to face and highlight any safety issues to ensure that you are compliant from day one.

Ensuring compliance with Immigration Act 2016

From 1st February 2016, it has been law that all private Landlords in England must check that new tenants have the right to live in the UK before renting their property to them. Landlords who fail to check this can face penalties of up to £3,000 per tenant. One key exemption to this is overseas students. Overseas students with Time Limited ID (i.e. those who can prove they have been granted permission to study here) can apply for exemption.

Ensuring regular immigration checks as per current legislation

When an adult tenant has time limited right to remain, the law obliges us to conduct follow up checks on the property.

Ensuring compliance with 2018 EPC legislation

From April 2018 any properties with new incoming tenants or the renewal of existing tenancies must meet a minimum EPC rating of E. We will guide all our Fully Managed Landlords through this new legislation and ensure compliance. These requirements will apply to all rented properties from 1st April 2020 whether there is a new tenancy or not.

Conducting move in and testing smoke alarms and Carbon Monoxide alarms if applicable

From 1st October 2015, the law has obliged private Landlords to ensure that each storey of a property has a working smoke alarm. We will ensure you comply with this law and document the fact that we have tested the alarms at the start of each tenancy. We also test them at each interim inspection. Rooms with a solid fuel device (e.g. log burner / open fire) must also have a working Carbon Monoxide alarm. Again we will test and document this to ensure compliance.

Pursuing non-payment of rent and providing advice on rent arrears actions

This is an area where budget letting agents can let Landlords down by not having the time to spend and not having correct processes in place to ensure arrears are pursued regularly, but at the same time, considering the rights and circumstances of the tenant.

Preparing detailed photographic inventory

Before a tenancy commences, we prepare our detailed inventory including photographs of all the different areas of the property. This documents regularly runs to 50 pages long and is incredibly important to ensure we can be successful in claiming money from the deposit at the end of a tenancy. The inventory is also where we photograph and record meter readings, log that we have tested the various safety alarms and photograph and record what keys we are providing to tenants. It cannot be underestimated how vital this document is.

Providing guidance on compliance

With such a large amount of legislation in place for residential lettings and the seemingly never-ending introduction of new legislation, this is an essential area where we can help Landlords stay on the right side of the law.

Advising on non-resident tax status (if relevant)

If a Landlord is living and working abroad we will advise on their obligations with HMRC. In some cases, the law obliges us to deduct tax before transferring rent.

Registering Tenancy Deposit and providing details to Tenant

Since 6th April 2007 it has been law that all new tenancy deposits must be either registered with or held in a Government backed Tenancy Deposit Scheme. We use the DPS (Deposit Protections Scheme) Custodial scheme and now have very good experience at claiming money back from a deposit on behalf of a Landlord. Claiming money back at the end of the tenancy is made easier by using our excellent detailed photographic inventories.

Remitting any disputed amount to the deposit scheme for final adjudication

This often-lengthy process involves submitting as much detailed evidence as possible, including detailed file notes and inventory, tenancy agreement, contractor invoices and photographic evidence.

Returning and unprotecting the deposit as agreed

The figure that is either agreed between Landlord and Tenant or determined by the DPS will be released from the deposit.

Rent reviews – establishing current market rents by using expertise and local comparable data

As standard for our Fully Managed Landlords we will undertake a Rent Review at the renewal and end of a tenancy and will advise if we feel that an increase is required or achievable.

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Negotiating with Landlord and Tenant (if necessary)

The deposit return process can be lengthy, and it is always better to try and agree a figure between both Landlord and Tenant. If this cannot be achieved, we will use the DPS Alternative Resolution Service.

Arranging routine repairs and quotes, where applicable consult with Landlord and instruct contractors

We have developed a network of reputable local tradesmen to cover the main areas of maintenance including plumbers, gas engineers, electricians, roofers and general repairs and maintenance. We ensure all these contractors are qualified (where applicable) and insured and under our Fully Managed package we undertake minor work up to the value of £100.00. We will obtain quotes and approval for any higher value work.

Quarterly periodic inspections and provide reports to Landlord

An essential part of our fully managed service is to undertake interim inspections. We usually do these every three months however we can adjust this to longer or shorter, depending on the tenant. We carry out a report on each one detailing any maintenance issues and general condition of the property. This information is then passed to the Landlord. Inspections are essential for minimising the amount of work that is required at the end of a tenancy as we can highlight and deal with things earlier on.

Tenancy Management – where possible, deal with issues or complications outside of rent and maintenance

Where possible and up to a reasonable level, we can help to deal with issues that are outside of rent payment and maintenance, such as neighbour disputes.

Preparing all paperwork in line with current legislation

Since 1st October 2015 on the commencement of a tenancy agreement, the law has required Landlords to provide their tenants with the latest copy of the ‘How to Rent Guide’. Failure to do this will invalidate a Section 21 notice. iMove provides all tenants with this document along with a legally compliant tenancy agreement, photographic inventory and EPC (Energy Performance Certificate). We also ensure that we document the fact that tenants have been provided with everything that is required and that they have signed a checklist to confirm this.

Valuing and agreeing market rent

Using our extensive local knowledge gained over years of experience, we will carry out a detailed market appraisal, looking at the condition of your property, and the current prices of similar properties nearby to determine the best rental income.

Instructing an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate)

EPCs were introduced on the 1st April 2007 it became law for all properties that were to be sold or let. In addition to this, from 9th January 2013 it became law for all advertisements to clearly show the energy rating. We will ensure that you comply with this piece of legislation by instructing our Energy Assessor to carry out an EPC.

Photographing, detailing and producing a floor plan

We provide 3D colour floor plans as standard on all our lettings properties at no extra cost to you. The colour of the walls and the carpets can be changed in a property, but it’s difficult to change the layout. Our 3D colour floor plans allow potential tenants to decide whether the layout would work for them before they view the property- ensuring nobody’s time is wasted.

Excellent quality photography

Prior to our photography appointment we will provide you with a copy of our Staging Guide detailing what should and should not be seen in the photographs. The quality of your photographs can be a deal breaker when potential tenants are deciding whether to view your property. We know what lets, so let us capture your property in its best light.

Marketing property and advertising on Rightmove

Your property will be put in front of the largest audience of home movers in the UK. The more eyes on your property, the more enquiries – which could lead to a much quicker let!

Advertising on Facebook

We can also advertise your property on Facebook, the largest social media platform in the world, further engaging with more potential tenants.

Erecting ‘to let’ board

With your permission, we’ll erect our eye catching To Let board. Despite the enormous amount of people viewing properties online, it’s still important to have the opportunity to catch those people passing by!

Book your free letting advice meeting now …

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Arrange letting advice meetingBook straight into Ian’s diary

If your ideal appointment time is not available, please call Ian on 07501 723253

Finding a Tenant in accordance with your guidelines

We will ensure where possible that we only show potential tenants around who match your requirements, such as people without pets or non smokers.

Reference and credit checking the tenants

We submit potential tenants to a rigorous and thorough vetting process which analyses at their financial history, employment status and current rental property information.

Setting up the tenancy file

Good record keeping is essential in Property Management. We refer to various points within a tenancy all the time and it is also essential when trying to succeed in a tenancy deposit dispute. We will record everything from the first valuation of a rental property through all the many stages of marketing, referencing, compliance with regulation, tenancy notes, inspections and maintenance all in one place on our detailed case management system.

Collect initial rent and deposit and remit to Landlord

It goes without saying that we will collect the first month’s rent and remit this to you. We will also collect the deposit and either remit to you or register with the DPS depending on whether you select our Let Only or Fully Managed package. To take the stress and hassle away, most Landlords choose our Fully Managed package which, in addition to everything above, also includes;

Collecting and remitting monthly rent

Where possible, we ensure tenants pay their rent by standing order. This is then remitted to you usually on a monthly basis. Our software system creates ledgers for both tenant and landlord and emails a statement to you on the day of payment. This system also makes it straightforward for us to produce rent reports and statements for accounting purposes.

Advising all relevant utility providers and local authority of changes

Upon move in, we will notify all the relevant utility companies of the change in occupant/s and provide them with up to date meter readings. We also update local authority records and claim any free vacant period on behalf of our Landlord.

Holding keys throughout tenancy

Throughout the management of your property we will securely hold a set of keys. These are securely tagged and locked away and we will release them only to approved tradesmen. We can also provide access for tenants who have lost their keys or locked themselves out. As we are open 7 days a week, we really do take the stress away from the Landlord with regards to anyone who needs to access the property.

Instructing the inventory provider to attend

We will ensure that the property is thoroughly inspected and photographed (where necessary) at the end of a tenancy and care is taken to compare it with the condition from when the tenants moved in. This is where the photographic inventory becomes vital – it makes clear any damage caused by the tenants.

Obtaining any quotes for necessary repairs

We will instruct the relevant tradesmen and obtain quotes for any repairs as quickly as possible to ensure the deposit monies are returned swiftly.

Check out service at the end of a tenancy

The aim here is to be fair to both Landlord and Tenant and ensure the property is up to a re-lettable standard as quickly as possible.

Fully accompanied viewings

People lead busy lives and weekend viewings are absolutely key to letting your property quickly. The whole point of enlisting the services of a letting agent is to make life easier.

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